Scarabeo 8

In 2010-2012 Bars Elekter participated in execution of Scarabeo8 project. This included in total 37500 working hours spent on this project.


Drilling rig type: ultra deepwater 6th generation semi submersible drilling rig
Classification: DNV 1A1 Column Stabilised Drilling Unit
Year Built: 2009 (at the Severodvinsk Yard, Russia shipyard)
Length of deck: 83.20 m
Breadth of deck: 72.72 m
Height to drill floor: 57.15 m
Height to main deck: 38.65 m
Length: 118.56 m
Breadth: 15.73 m
Depth: 10.15 m
Crew facilities: Air conditioned living quarters for 140 people
Helideck: Suitable for Sikorsky S-61N and S92
Owner: Saipem