Aker Shpitsbergen

In 2009 Bars Elekter participated in execution of Aker Shpitsbergen project.
Total amount of working hours spent on this project is 11500.


Design: Aker H-6e, Aker Solutions
Year Built: 2009  (Aker Group at the Verdal, Norway shipyard)
Classification: DNV 1A1, Column Stabilized Drilling Unit (N), DRILL (N)
Water Depth: 3,000 m (design depth)
Drilling depth: 10,000 m
Helicopter Deck: Sikorsky S92 and S-61N, Superpuma AS332L2.
Type: Double Ram Rig® by Aker Solutions
Accommodation: 140 single bed cabins, extendable to 160
Owner: Aker Drilling A/S